Laundry Renovations

The laundry can be a valuable addition to any home, and we understand how big an impact a well-designed and thought out laundry room or area can make. It’s also often an area with limited space, so we’ve got ideas for making the most of whatever you have available. Everything from installing bi-fold doors in an existing bathroom to a whole new area or a laundry chute in a multi-story home is possible, and we’ve got the expertise you need to get it done in time and on budget.

Professionals will all tell you the laundry is an area worth planning and putting some thought into, so don’t be sorry that you didn’t.

Let Peter know what you want and he can help with every step in the process. He does custom laundry design, fit-out, parts and labour according to the strict quality criteria that apply to the rest of the home.  Especially if the team is already taking care of your bathroom or other areas, who else will understand the entire home and the rest of your requirements?

When you let us take care of your laundry too, don’t forget you get all the benefits of a Peter Poulsen renovation experience:

  • 24/7 service. Any time, for any renovation query you have
  • Our guarantee of quality service and products, backed by the strong connections built up personally over more than 20 years in the industry. With us taking care of things you are guaranteed a better price than you’d get elsewhere and you won’t have to negotiate on price or quality with any third parties

Whether you’re creating a separate room or area, or converting a corner of the bathroom, hallway or other area speak to Peter Poulsen today. We’ve got the right skills, experience and connections to make it a laundry that won’t let down the rest of the house. We promise a laundry that will pay for itself multiple times through functionality, organization and design and add thousands of dollars onto the value of your home.

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